Saturday, February 18, 2017

Grimbergar reaches Minas Tirith and L103

Grimbergar has been helping Aragorn with the Haradrim and witnesses the King of the Dead's oath fulfilled.

He makes his way to the rangers in Osgiliath searching in vain for Faramir, where he has suffered from the attentions of Trolls, met the enormous Mumaks and an old adversary, grazed Grond and gets his first look at Minas Tirith.

He has to confess to resorting to using Mithril Coins to travel to the last 2 lost rangers.

This stirred memories of encounters with Golodir and Mordirith 


It doesn't look good for Minas Tirith.

Letter Home - Green Dragon and Black Rider

Dear Grandma and Grandpa,

Apelpip and I have had a busy time in the Shire. We rode from Bree over the Brandywine Bridge and stayed at the Green Dragon Inn where we had a great time drinking, dancing and listening to stories by the fire.

Its not been all fun though when we heard rumours of a black rider in Budgeford. During our investigations we had to fight a pack of wolves and Apelbob came off badly after being too brave but he is OK now. We uncovered a nasty trick by a Followhide and the Budgeford pigs were quite upset, not respectable behaviour!

As well as adventuring we have been learning our crafts. Apelpip has been collecting copper and making himself some great armour. Apelbob has collected wood and made some useful weapons and is intending to get skilled enough to make musical instruments to improve his minstrel playing. In Brokenborings we learnt some hobbit history finding the lamp put here by the Hobbits who travelled from the west. Big brother Apelred has made Apelbob some fine clothes so fighting wolves should be a lot easier now.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Letter Home - Black Riders

 Dear Grandma and Grandpa,

We are both doing OK and getting six meals a day but didn't think danger would come to the Shire. We met some nice hobbits on a evening walk then the next thing this really scary Black Rider came asking for a Baggins. We managed to get away with the help of 2 rangers but one was injured.

We made it to Archet where we learned some basic skills but we couldn't save the ranger called Amdir who went off with some evil creatures.

Thankfully after that we are back in the peaceful Eastfarthing helping local hobbits. We learned how to ride and headed out to the Big People in Bree to buy our first ponies. We are so happy to be riding Ruby and Emerald.


 Hope you and the apples are doing well and look out for Black Riders.

Love Apelpip and Apelbob

Saturday, November 19, 2016

1 Cape Road

When on his long break Grimbergar did not keep up the rent on his house in the Shire and had all his things thrown out. The new housing is rent free for VIPs and he has 2 years worth of Turbine Points to spend so he took a visit to the Cape of Belfalas. A couple of new neighbourhoods had all the properties available so he could take a long look round and take his pick. He chose 1 Cape Road for the view and convenient services next door.

Here are a load of screenshots after redecorating. Really love the views.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Adventures of the Appletun brothers

The Appletun's have tended the orchards of Bramley farm in the Southfarthing of The Shire for generations. You may not know them but you have probably tasted their apples as they make the famous Stars of Old Cider available in the Prancing Pony.

Florandir blessing the apples that make Stars of Old Cider
Tragedy struck the family when Apeldo and Rose were killed by goblins when delivering cider to an inn in the Lone Lands. Deliveries stopped and the inn went downhill.

Broken delivery wagon near the Forsaken Inn
 Apeldo and Rose left 5 young hobbits, Apelred, Apeljack, Apelard, Apelbob and Apelpip who vowed to avenge their parents deaths. The youngsters were brought up by their grandparents Apelic and Blossom until they were old enough to leave home. Apelred and Apeljack have already left the farm on adventures whereas Apelard has agreed to stay on the farm to help their grandparents tend the apples, make the cider and try to appear at least a little respectable.

Now Apelbob and Apelpip are old enough to start on their own adventures, and have promised to write home to their grandparents to tell them of their adventures and show they are safe.

Guardian Apelpip and Minstrel Apelbob at Browne's Folly
You will be able to read their letters home here.

Apelpip is being played by my son and Apelbob is me. We will be adventuring together and hope to finish the story in 4 years before Warner Brothers decides not to renew the LOTR licence.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Grimbergar retakes Pelargir (eventually)

Army of the dead turn up after we have protected the flank in Pelargir
It took Grimbergar a number of attempts to remember how to run a Big Battle but he got there in the end and made it to level 101. The guides advised him to do things he hasn't got the experience for yet so he needed to run the Big Battles a few times anyway so failed attempts were not a total loss.

He has imbued his 3 legendary items and got them up to level 102 with Heritage XP Runes. Looking forward to these levelling up as he does.

Monday, November 07, 2016

Grimbergar makes L100 and tries to fathom Captain rotation legacies and imbuing

Grimbergar has reached L100 in Central Gondor and considers the future of his Legendary items. Being uber casual the idea that an imbued item will grow with you is perfect but it makes the choices extra critical so lots of research has been going on (he is an Historian after all!)

Being a solo Captain who runs Red mainly, switching to Yellow for big pulls he only needs OK items so asked his friends Ieshac and Sofor to craft some 2nd age L100 items and crossed his fingers - here are the results.

Only the Rallying Cry Heal is a good result
The power cost reduction is not what I wanted but the Rallying Cry Heal is nice. Target legacies for this compromise Emblem are,
Healing Critical Magnitude
Rallying Cry Healing
Sure Strike Damage
Vocal Skills Healing

Devastating Blow and Pressing Attack Damage
Light-type Damage
Shadow's Lament Damage

Max Moral & Crit are great Vitality is OK
The 2 hander will be his Red Line weapon. Max Morale and Crit are perfect, I can live with Vitality instead of Might. Target Legacies

Cutting Attack Damage
Grave Wound Damage
Melee Skills Critical Damage
Captain Area-effect Healing

Battle-readied Damage Buff
Bleed Damage
Inspire Damage

NO Blade of Elendil Damage here! See rotation info later.

Keeping Grave Wound and AOE Healing
My 1 hander will be for Yellow sword and board big pulls (5 plus mobs) maximising survivability with these legacies.

Battle-hardened Outgoing Healing Buff
Captain Area-effect Healing
Grave Wound Damage
Melee Skills Critical Damage

Battle-hardened Incoming Damage Reduction
Defensive Strike Armour Buff
Shield/Song/Blade-brother Critical Defence

Red Rotation

Based on the following analysis Blade of Elendil is off the menu.

The rotation Grimbergar will be attempting is as follows
Archer pet out with Blade Brother active
Archer to attack a ranged mob to initiate fight
Select Nearest Mob (Backspace)
Telling Mark
Standard of War
Time of Need

Routing Cry (for Penetrating Cry -15% attack duration & stun)
Battle Shout
Sure Strike
Devastating Blow/Pressing Attack
Cutting Attack
Shadows Lament
Grave Wound